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seasonal pests

Seasonal Pests Information & Advice

Different seasons bring with them a whole host of different pests. To help you get clued up on what pests to watch out for each season and how to deal with them effectively, we’ve produced our mini guide below:

Spring Pests

In the springtime, we tend to get the most pest control requests for insects like flies, ants and cockroaches. These pesky creatures can infest both your home and garden and can be particularly troublesome to get rid of.

Ants – Black garden ants are the most common type of ant, found in UK gardens and homes. The earlier you catch a black garden ant infestation the better. Ants can be quite difficult to remove with conventional pest control methods, as they tend to live in large colonies, so we definitely recommend seeking expert pest control advice.

FliesFlies are another recurring pest problem that can be difficult to isolate. Good housekeeping practices can help to prevent them from infesting your food, home and garden. Our BPCA approved technicians can help you eliminate them effectively.

CockroachesGerman cockroach infestations are commonly found in food establishments like restaurants, bars and cafes. The best form of pest control is prevention, so make sure you keep your establishment clean and dispose of waste correctly. We can help you remove cockroaches from your home or business using specially designed insecticides.

Summer Pests

Wasps tend to be the biggest pests of the summer and one of our top pest control priorities; however birds such as gulls can also be more prominent during the warmer season.

WaspsWasp infestations can be found in the garden (in sheds, furniture and trees) or in the home (usually in lofts, wall cavities or garages). Although there are wasp insecticides on the market, it is highly recommended that you have a wasp nest removed from your home by professionals, to avoid risk to yourself and those living in your home.

Gulls – If gulls are becoming pests in your garden, we can help send them away using humane pest control and bird proofing strategies.

Autumn Pests

Fleas and bedbugs are more common in the autumn, along with larger pests like mice and moles.

Fleas and bedbugsUsing safe insecticides in your home and following good housekeeping practices can help to prevent flea and bedbug infestations. However, once an infestation is present, they can be particularly difficult to get rid of, so we recommend getting in touch with our expert pest control advisors for help.

MiceAlthough there are six varieties of mouse in the UK, the biggest pest of all is the common ‘house mouse.’ These creatures can cause damage to your home and may even contaminate your food. We can help you pest proof your home against mice or if an infestation is found, remove them from your home in the most humane way possible.

Winter Pests

Rodents tend to be the biggest pest control problem in the winter, as they attempt to enter people’s homes, seeking a warmer environment.

RatsRats are busy little creatures during the winter, with the average female birthing 4 – 8 pups per litter. They go into heat weeks after giving birth, so you can see how a rat infestation can soon escalate. Rats can be removed from your home using traps and poison; however we highly recommend seeking professional advice from our pest control experts beforehand.

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