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Pest Control for Retail Stores

In the world of retail, image is everything. Don’t let pests destroy your reputation and relationship with customers. Tackle the problem with effective retail pest control and prevention from Speedy Pest Control.

Unfortunately, retail shops are at high risk from pest infestations. Those that are particularly vulnerable tend to serve or offer food products, such as convenience stores, supermarkets and delicatessens. Whatever type of retail store you own, it’s important to take the necessary measures to keep pests out for good.

Pest risks for retail businesses

Pests such as rats, mice, birds and insects can cause a number of problems for retail businesses, which can significantly damage their reputation. The main issue is that they carry diseases, which can be passed onto customers through contaminated goods; however pests can also damage stock, cause disruption, damage reputation, affect staff morale and cost your businesses thousands of pounds.

Imagine walking into a retail establishment to discover pests scuttling around or returning home with the food you’ve bought, only to find it’s contaminated with droppings. This isn’t something you’d stand for and neither will your customers.

Whether you’re a food or non-food retailer, it is paramount that you keep your shop clean, hygienic and pest-free, in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both your staff and customers.

How to prevent pests in retail

The best way to maintain a clean retail environment and good reputation is to work with an experienced pest control company like Speedy Pest Control. We will provide you with your very own bespoke pest management plan for retail, so you can keep on top of the situation and achieve effective results.

Pest control retail assessment

Our pest control retail service includes a full assessment of your retail unit to determine whether any pests are currently present on-site and expose vulnerabilities that could potentially lead to future pest infestations.

Taking action in your retail shop

If pests are found on-site, we will take the appropriate measures to remove them quickly and safely, using environmentally friendly solutions where possible. We will also work to pest-proof your retail unit and educate your staff on how to spot early signs of an infestation.

Speedy Pest Control can also provide on-going monitoring and support services to help you maintain a pest-free zone.

Why choose us?

Speedy Pest Control has years of experience providing effective pest prevention and management solutions to retail businesses. All of our technicians are highly qualified and BPCA approved, giving you full peace of mind.

Prevention over elimination

What makes us different from other pest control companies out there is that we focus on prevention, as opposed to elimination. By being proactive and implementing effective measures, we can help you prevent pests from ever being a problem in your retail unit.

Bespoke retail pest control solutions in Edinburgh & Glasgow

What’s more, we offer bespoke pest control solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your company. Your staff and customers’ safety will always remain our biggest concern and we will never do anything to jeopardise their welfare. You can count on us to provide environmentally friendly solutions to pest control, wherever possible.

For more information about pest control in retail or for a no obligation quote, please give us a call on 0800 690 6920.

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