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healthcare pest control

Pest Control for Healthcare

Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, clinics and other healthcare facilities need to be both clean and hygienic in order to ensure the best possible care is given to patients. Unfortunately, pests can sometimes cause hygiene issues this and pose major risks to those with already weakened immune systems.

With this in mind, it is extremely important to take action to prevent pests from accessing your healthcare facilities. Whether you run a full service hospital or another healthcare facility, you can rely on Speedy Pest Control to provide the pest management service you require.

Pest control in hospitals, clinics & doctor’s surgeries

Prevention is the best form of pest control and is something our team of BPCA approved technicians can assist you with. We will start by carrying out a pest control risk assessment audit on your facility. This will involve looking for existing or potential pest problems, as well as identifying areas that may lead to pest problems in the future.

Pest management for hospitals & other healthcare facilities

Once we have established your pest control needs, we will be able to help you manage your healthcare facility with an effective plan. All healthcare services, including hospital pest management use non-chemical control wherever possible and will always ensure the safety of both your patients and staff.

On-going pest control for healthcare

As part of our clinic, surgery & hospital pest management, we carry out on-going evaluations to closely monitor activity on your premises. If pests are detected, we can then ensure they are eliminated quickly and efficiently, before causing any harm to those using your hospital & other healthcare facility or the building itself.

Speedy Pest Control believes that when it comes to effective pest prevention, knowledge is power. We are therefore more than happy to help train you and your team, to help minimise the risks posed by pests in your healthcare facility.

Why Speedy Pest Control?

Speedy Pest Control has years of experience working with organisations in the healthcare sector, inlcuding doctor’s surgeries, clinics and hospitals to carry out effective pest control. We have great knowledge of your day-to-day operations and responsibilities and therefore understand just how important it is to supply a rapid response service.

BPCA accredited

All of our technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) accredited and have a wealth of experience in commercial pest control. From rats and mice to bedbugs, insects and birds – you name a pest, they’ve dealt with it! As a team, we are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions that are perfectly tailored to meet the client’s needs, as well as the affected environment.

Reliable UK pest control

Speedy Pest Control operates primarily in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas of Scotland; however we can also provide healthcare pest control to clients elsewhere in the UK. No matter how big, small or complex the job, you can rely on Speedy Pest Control to provide the high quality service you need.

Achieve full compliance with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, whilst ensuring the safety of both your patients and staff by investing in effective pest control.

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We also offer a disinfection service post pest elimination in order to make your site [ pest + germ ] FREE

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Pest Control Solutions for Healthcare Facilities


Speedy Pest Control can assess the pest risks in your facility, we look for pest problems, obviously, but we also look for problems that may favor pest problems in the future. Early identification is key in a pro-active approach.


As is the case with all of our pest control services, our pest control plans for hospitals rely on non-chemical control as the primary pest control strategy. In fact, we consider it a success when our technicians don’t apply any pesticides at all during a routine visit.


We provide an ongoing evaluation and monitoring program to ensure that we detect and eliminate any pest occurrence at the earliest opportunity. Education, upon request, of the facility, advising actions and conditions that affect pest activity.

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