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Glasgow Pest Control

To solve your commercial pest control problems in Glasgow, Speedy Pest Control should be the first company on your list. We have a wealth of experience available to bring to your situation.

Our pest control team are all approved by the (BPCA) British Pest Control Association. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to deal with a wide variety of pests, including rodents, moths, moles and too many other pests to mention. Whatever the pest in your Glasgow home or Glasgow business, we will provide first class pest management solutions, and we’ll keep working with you until the problem is resolved.

Pest control experts in Glasgow

Cockroaches, rats, mice, birds and some insects are carriers of diseases, which can have a detrimental effect on the human body. Whenever you suspect you might have a pest control problem, it’s vital to take the necessary action to prevent and eliminate all pests in your Glasgow home. Glasgow business owners are responsible for keeping their employees and customers safe from pests in their office buildings, restaurants, retail stores,and must, therefore, take the appropriate action against pests to meet health and safety regulations.

Even if the pests are not a danger to your health, they may still cause disruption to your life, your wealth and may even damage your agricultural or building property (e.g. gnawing cables). This can be incredibly costly, not to mention inconvenient. Keep pests out of your property with effective pest prevention techniques, delivered by our Glasgow pest control experts. We can also help you eliminate pests from your home, workplaces or hospitals, using environmentally friendly and humane solutions where possible.

Expert pest control in Glasgow

Although there are various DIY pest control products on the market, they’re not necessarily the easiest solutions to administer and some may not be as effective as you’d hope. With this in mind, we highly recommend getting in touch with an expert pest control company, like our technicians at Speedy Pest Control. We will carry out effective pest control on your behalf, preventing you from having to go head to head the pests yourself.

Speedy Pest Control provides efficient pest management services to all homes and businesses in the Glasgow area of Scotland. Glasgow is a city we have worked in for a long time and we believe it’s our local knowledge that makes us stand out from all of the other pest control companies out there.

Our team of BPCA Approved technicians have assisted many Glasgow home and business owners in controlling pests and will work until completion – no matter how big or small!

Glasgow domestic pest control

Speedy Pest Control is your one-stop-shop for domestic Glasgow pest control. Over the years, we have seen an increase in the need for pest control our services, which has come due to Government cutbacks to local authority pest control. Although local councils are most people’s first point of call, many customers experience that they do not offer free or subsided pest control; as the majority of councils now outsource to companies like us.

We have dealt with a wide range of pests around Glasgow; we often receive calls about bedbug infestations. For instance, in the last two-years or there has been an outbreak of bedbugs in Glasgow, particularly in the Govanhill area, where they have been known to take over a whole blocks of flats.

The trouble is that bedbugs can be particularly difficult to eradicate. Basic insecticides are not enough to get the job done to get rid of bedbugs for good; a combination of sprays and heat treatment is required. This is something our team of Glasgow pest control experts can administer on your behalf.

Whether you’re dealing with a nasty bedbug infestation or another pest entirely, Speedy Pest Control will provide a speedy and effective service tailored to your needs. We have experience preventing and eliminating pests in various types of homes. This includes houses, maisonettes, flats, apartments and annexes. With our sound knowledge of all aspects of domestic pest control, you can rely on us as the perfect company to resolve your pest control problems.

Commercial pest control in Glasgow

Speedy Pest Control delivers a professional and speedy service to deal with your commercial pest control problems. Our BPCA accredited technicians will use their experience to find effective prevention and management solutions to suit you and your business. In addition to administering commercial pest control treatments, we will also continue to visit your business to ensure it remains a pest free zone.

Speedy Pest Control works with a cross-section of Glasgow businesses in the following sectors:

Our qualified Glasgow pest control experts have a rich knowledge of all aspects of pest control and how it impacts on businesses we work with. We provide effective pest audit/prevention and pest control solutions, helping businesses to meet their regulatory obligations, whilst also keeping their staff and customers safe.

Speedy Pest Control will save you time and effort by implementing effective pest prevention solutions in your business. We can also administer pest control treatments where infestations are detected, to help you get rid of pests for good.

Whether you work in healthcare, retail, farming, housing or any other sector, we can provide the tailored pest control services you need.

Pest management: Prevention vs Control

Speedy Pest Control strongly believes that prevention is by far the best method of pest management and control. “Prevention is better than cure” – we will create a plan for the management of pests helps to stop infestations and ultimately save you the distress of a pest invasion.

Here are some practical suggestions on how pests can be prevented in your Glasgow residence or business premises:

  • Clean regularly and keep your premises well maintained
  • Make sure waste products are disposed of correctly
  • Keep food covered up or sealed
  • Don’t leave pet food out in the open
  • Keep your lawn and any hedges surrounding your property trimmed

Speedy Pest Control is here to assist Glasgow home and business owners with keeping pests at bay. We are happy to monitor your property and provide suggestions on how you can make it a less homely place for unwanted creatures.

Pest inspections in Glasgow

Speedy Pest Control recommends that both home and business owners watch out diligently for unusual/suspicious activity at their property, which could be tell-tale signs of a pest problem. Report findings you make like droppings, insect bodies and property damage immediately. The sooner you spot an infestation, the easier it will be to treat and prevent escalation. Give our rapid response team a call and we’ll send out an expert to audit your property and diagnose your risk and any possible infestations.

Great range of pest control services

If we find a pest infestation in your Glasgow premises, our next step will be to inform you of the possible solutions. We pride ourselves on using high-quality pest solutions, designed to eliminate pest for good while keeping those using the property safe. Humane pest control treatments are used wherever possible.

Pest monitoring

We understand just how distressing it can be to find pests at home or work. We therefore will monitor your pest control situation until we are sure the pests have been eradicated. If further infestations are found, we will be able to treat them immediately, though more often than not, only one course of treatment is required to get the job done to a high standard.

What pests do you control?

Bedbugs are a frequent pest we encounter in Glasgow; however we also have vast experience preventing and controlling other pest infestations including rats, mice, wasps, spiders, moths, birds and flies. Whatever pest you’re dealing with, it’s likely that we’ll have prevention or control solution to meet your needs.

Why choose us for your pest control?

We’re local – Speedy Pest Control is based in Glasgow and therefore has sound knowledge of the local area. If you are looking for quick and effective pest control management services for your residence or business, you can rely on us to deliver.

Bespoke solutions – We’re not your average Glasgow pest control company. Instead of providing one-size-fits-all solutions to pest control, we like to take a more tailored approach, ensuring the best possible results are achieved.

BPCA accredited – The British Pest Control Association accredits Speedy Pest Control. You can count on us to provide first class pest control solutions to meet your needs.

Affordable pest control – Why pay more? We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to remove pests from your home, which is why our pest prevention and treatments are designed to suit all budgets.

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