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pest control in food service

Restaurant Pest Control

All food service establishments including restaurants, takeaways, pubs and clubs are legally obliged to meet specific pest control requirements. Ensure the safety of your staff and customers by working with an experienced pest prevention company like Speedy Pest Control.

Pest control for restaurants

Mice, rats, flies and cockroaches are common threats in the restaurant and food service industry. Many of them carry harmful bacteria that can contaminate foods and cause serious illnesses. Your food preparation and storage areas are particularly vulnerable to pest infiltration, which is why it’s extremely important that you take action to prevent them finding their way in.

As well as spreading harmful bacteria by contact with their hair, faeces and urine, pests can also seriously damage your premises, leading to expensive repairs.

In order to save time, money and ultimately, your business’s reputation, the best course of action is to invest in integrated restaurant pest management solutions.

Pest proof your premises
Carry out regular maintenance to restrict pest access and prevent your property from becoming a breeding ground.
Insect screens
Windows opening directly into food preparation areas must be fitted with screens capable of resisting common flying insects.
Electronic fly killing devices
Flying insects can be destroyed using an electronic fly-killing device.
Good housekeeping
A set of housekeeping rules to ensure that good practice and a proactive approach is used.
Pest control contractor
Speedy Pest Control can assess, manage any pest issues and provide ongoing monitoring to prevent any pest issues. They should also advise on good housekeeping practice.
Checking and inspection
All areas of the food premises should be checked regularly for signs of pests such as rodent droppings, smear marks, insect egg cases and dead insects.

The best way to manage pest control issues in your restaurant or food service establishment is to work with an experienced and reliable pest control contractor.

Why Speedy Pest Control?

Speedy Pest Control offers a professional restaurant pest control service to all businesses in the restaurant and food service industry. We can assist you with everything from assessing and managing pest issues to providing on-going monitoring and support.

Achieve full compliance

Our aim is to help you protect your customers, staff and business reputation with fast, efficient and effective pest prevention services. With the help of our BPCA accredited technicians, you will fully comply with the Good Hygiene Rating Scheme and all other industry regulations.

Bespoke restaurant pest control solutions

We believe in offering bespoke pest control solutions to different kinds of restaurants and food service establishments that are environmentally friendly and tailored to meet individual client’s needs.

Restaurant pest control experience and expertise

Speedy Pest Control is fully experienced in working with businesses in the food industry and has great knowledge of the day-to-day working practices. We have experience of working closely with local Environmental Health Officers to prevent pests from damaging businesses in any shape or form and can do this for your business too.

Great results

Deliver the high quality food service promised to your customers with the help of Speedy Pest Control and an expert restaurant pest management plan in place. Your investment in pest prevention and control services will offer an excellent return on investment in the form of improved hygiene, better quality food and happier customers.

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A professional pest control service can help to protect your customers and business and ensure you continue to deliver high quality food and service. It will also enable you to maintain the highest level of hygiene throughout your premises.

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