Electronic Fly Killers

Flies are a common pest here in the UK and are particular nuisances for food businesses. The problem with flies is that they carry and transmit diseases, due to their unpleasant feeding and breeding habits. Flies can immediately contaminate food just by walking over it, so it is crucial to get on top of any infestations in your home or business.

Preventing fly infestations

The best way to prevent fly infestations is to follow good housekeeping rules. The cleaner your home or business is, the less attractive it will be to flies. Seeing as flies are attracted to food and waste products, it’s highly recommended that you clean any spillages immediately and take rubbish bags out to the bins, ensuring they are properly sealed.

If you have pets in the home, make sure you pick up their food once they’ve finished eating, as flies can contaminate and lay their eggs on it, which could potentially cause illness in your animals.

Many businesses (particularly those in the food industry) choose to fit their windows with fly screens, which can be useful for keeping flies out.

Fly pest control with electronic fly killers

Usually insecticides can be used to kill small infestations of flies. If you’re dealing with a larger problem, it’s best to get in touch with pest control experts like Speedy Pest Control.

Our approach to fly pest control is to use electronic fly killers. These are pieces of equipment that can be installed in your home or business.

How do they work?

Electronic fly killers are fitted with a UV light, which attracts flies towards it. Once they get there, they are zapped with electric voltage and their bodies are collected using a glue board or catch tray. This should be removed and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure good hygiene.

Benefits of electronic fly killers

The benefit of using an electronic fly killer is that it will help to protect your customers and employees from the negative effects of fly infestations, such as food contamination and disease. It will also eliminate the risk of secondary infestation i.e. pests coming into eat the dead flies, as all of the bodies can be collected and removed efficiently.

Installing an electronic fly killer in your business can help you meet health and safety regulations regarding pest control.

Great for food environments

We definitely recommend using an electronic fly killer as opposed to an insecticide or spray, as they are much more hygienic and better for the environment. They come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for installing in most home and business environments. They are particularly effective in food manufacturing and cooking environments, which are considered to be the most vulnerable to fly infestations.

Get in touch with Speedy Pest Control

If you would like more information about this method of pest control or require an electronic fly killer for your home or business, please get in touch with our pest control experts on 0800 690 6920. Alternatively, you can fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



A selection of recommended EFK’s

The Chameleon Vega is the latest addition to the award-winning range of UV fly control units manufactured by PestWest. Its revolutionary design is based on new slimline technology making the Vega a stylish, powerful and economical fly trap. Its elegant and ultra-slim design combined with white or an all stainless steel construction will suit most environments. It features new higher energy efficient UVA tubes with integrated Reflectobakt® technology powered by a state of the art electronic ballast to deliver efficient fly control with low running costs.

The slimness and style of the Chameleon Vega is achieved thanks to the latest generation of UVA tubes, which offer improved UVA performance as well as a reduction in glass content. The integration of the Reflectobakt® sleeve into the tube, the absence of starters and the unique self-holding mechanism of the front guard in open position all improve further the ease and speed of servicing.

Chameleon Vega Stainless Steel/White

efk - chameleon vega

Chameleon Discretion Stainless Steel/White

Discreet and ultra-slim wall-mounted unit (free-standing bracket available). An attractive front cover conceals the sticky board and catch, which makes this unit ideal for areas in view of the public. Equipped with two powerful 15-watt Quantum BL tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer and a standard Chameleon size sticky board. Available in white with white cover or stainless steel with stainless steel cover.

Titan 300 Stainless Steel/White

The Titan 300 can be adapted to operate as a Cluster Fly Unit. If it is to be used as a Cluster Fly Unit, the tray must be detached and insects must be removed regularly to avoid build up and fire risk.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 33 x 49.5 x 13.5cm

Weight: 7.5kg

Ceiling suspended / Freestanding: 180m²
Wall-mounted: 90m²

efk - chameleon vega

Titan Alpha

A very powerful, yet compact machine with two powerful 15-watt tubes giving coverage over 160m². Ideal for use in shops, kitchens, cafes and take-aways. Please note that the 15-watt tubes used in this unit are 12″ long.

Dimensions: H x W x D = 30.5 x 35 x 15cm

Weight: 4kg

Ceiling suspended / Freestanding: 160m²
Wall-mounted: 80m²