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Pest control in schools

Unfortunately schools are one of the best breeding grounds for common pests, such as mice, rats, ants, wasps and birds. They have everything they need to thrive, including warmth, shelter and access to food sources.

However, pests at school are not something you should tolerate. Pest control in schools, as well as other educational environments like nurseries and colleges is essential in keeping both your staff and pupils safe. Pests are a public health risk and can carry a number of diseases, which cause illness in humans. They can also cause high levels of distress, disruption and discomfort and no one wants that!

Tackle pest problems in schools and colleges head on, with the help of Speedy Pest Control.

Pest prevention in schools and colleges

Our BPCA qualified technicians can work closely with you to create an effective pest prevention policy that will include effective measures to minimise the risk of pest infestations. As part of our pest management service, we will carry out a site survey at your school to identify the presence of pests, as well as vulnerabilities in your building’s structure. We will then treat any current infestations and pest-proof your school to prevent problems re-occurring in the future.

Pest elimination in schools

Whilst our focus is primarily on preventing pests in schools, we can take effective measures to eliminate any pests currently on-site. Our priority will always be the safety of your pupils and staff first, so you can be rest assured that we will use environmentally friendly solutions wherever possible, to remove pests from your school building.

Why choose Speedy Pest Control?

The team here at Speedy Pest Control is made up of highly qualified and BPCA (British Pest Control Association) approved technicians, with vast experience in commercial pest control. Over many years, we have worked with schools, nurseries and colleges up and down the country to control and prevent pests in a safe and effective manner.

We appreciate the sensitivity of a pest outbreak and can arrange our visit to be out of student hours, e.g. early mornings, evenings or weekends. In the case of an emergency we can respond appropriately too and usually be there within a couple of hours (work depending).

Excellent knowledge of all pests

Our knowledge of all manner of pests including rodents, birds and insects, makes us the ideal team to help you tackle your pest control problems head on. No matter how big or small your school or how complex the pest control issue is, we will be more than up for the challenge as pest control in education is one of our most utilised services.

What makes us different?

What makes Speedy Pest Control different from other pest control companies out there is the fact we focus on providing completely bespoke solutions. Each of our pest management plans and treatments are tailored to the type of pest, the environment and most importantly, the client’s needs. We offer rapid response call out services and price our packages affordably to ensure that everyone can benefit from effective commercial pest control management.

For more information about our pest control services for schools or to get a free no obligation quote, please give the team a call on 0800 690 6920. Alternatively, you can fill in the online contact form on our website and a technician will get back to you as soon as possible!

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