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Commercial Bird Pest Control

The method of controlling birds on your commercial premises is very much in line with the ‘prevention is better than cure’ philosophy. We are able to implement a variety of humane bird deterrents to deter birds from nesting – or even just perching and causing a mess – on your building. Since we know that birds and their daily habits can be off-putting to customers, it’s important to make sure they don’t find your business’ building an attractive place to stay.

Common bird pests for businesses

Pigeons: Your customers might be used to having pigeons live amongst us and even feed them their food scraps, but a large number of nesting pigeons on your building can cause a nuisance. They nest on ledges, girders and gaps and many nests can be found together. Their droppings are highly acidic and therefore corrosive, costing your business money, and they moult once a year in late summer, causing more mess.

Gulls: Gulls aren’t just found by the seaside – they can be a just as common sight in urban environments too. They are a bird species that can heavily foul on your building if they nest there, which is unsightly if your building is open to your customers. More of a worry for you as a business owner is their aggressive tactics towards humans – your customers – during breeding season. They also cause a nuisance by blocking drains with their nests and taking other birds and small mammals to feed.

Starlings: The problem with starlings is that they roost in large numbers, so the noise they create and the heavy fouling they produce is enough to put off your customers if they take up residence in your building. They nest in holes and feed on scraps, and during breeding season in the summer, they peck at leather.

Bird proofing for your business

The easiest way to prevent birds from being attracted to your business premises and building their nests is to clean up any food scraps or spillages. Our expert commercial bird control team regularly deter and remove birds from lofts and roofs of business premises across Edinburgh and Glasgow.

You can also make your commercial premises less accessible for them to nest in by filling any gaps it may have.

Speedy Pest Control can implement humane solutions to prevent roosting and nesting so that you don’t have to think about doing it yourself. We can also fit materials in places birds like to perch to avoid the clean-up and inconvenience of bird droppings.

Commercial bird netting: This is a long-lasting way to prevent birds from nesting in your building. The net forms an impenetrable barrier, which is discreet and doesn’t harm the birds.

Bird spikes for business roofs: Also known as anti-roosting spikes, this method of proofing from birds can be attached to building ledges and buildings signs. The spikes are thin rods, around 30cm long, which don’t harm the birds but make it hard for them to roost.

Bird shock track solution: This is a track of material that can be laid on your building and is electrified to provide a small shock to landing birds. The device makes it hard for the birds to roost, but also deters birds from settling in the area as the noise the shocked bird makes sends a distress signal to other birds in the area.

Guano cleaning

As well as preventing birds from nesting and roosting on your buildings, we can clean up their droppings if they’ve already been. Their droppings make your building unsightly, which is important if you welcome your customers there, as well as being a health risk and causing corrosion.

Wildlife management

Bird culling is a way of controlling the population of certain breeds in a localised area. The reason this is done is to encourage another species to thrive and to manage the ecosystem. Get in contact to discuss the options in your area for birds and moles.

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