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Pest Control Glasgow: Your Handy Go-to Guide

With a population of around 600,000, Glasgow is a thriving city on the River Clyde in Scotland’s western Lowlands. It may be well-known for its Victorian and art nouveau architecture but what it might not be famed for is its pests.

Like all large cities, Glasgow has been known to have something of a pest issue – particularly around the commercial areas of the top tourist destination.

But like other hotspots of its size, Glasgow does its very best to keep on top of the problem by maintaining a clean city that’s more than fit for the daily influx of tourists. Continue reading

Commercial Pigeon Control: Your DIY Guide

Pigeon problems in your workplace or retail space? Despite your very best intentions to keep your office or commercial unit clean and safe, birds and other pests still threaten to ensure your hard work goes unnoticed. But there are ways and means of dealing with the issue so it doesn’t present itself as a long-term problem for you and your business.

To help you on the road to a pigeon-free office or shop, we’ve put together a handy guide which details tried and trusted pigeon deterrent methods, as well as a host of handy products you’ll want to have on standby. Get ready to enjoy a pigeon-free workplace…starting now! Continue reading

Commercial Pest Control: The Ultimate Guide

Your business – whether a restaurant, café, bar or office – is important to you. So, we’re sure you don’t want pests scurrying around inside, outside or indeed anywhere near your premises.

But what do you do if an infestation’s already set in? You tackle the problem head-on, seeking out the very best commercial pest control solutions and putting steps in place to ensure the infection – once dealt with – doesn’t occur again. Continue reading

Cockroach Pest Control – Your FAQ Guide

Home or business owner? Few things are more frustrating than discovering you have a cockroach infestation. Why? At the very least, a pest problem like this will cost you your time, but at the very worst it may even set you back money-wise too.

But don’t panic! Thanks to our definitive FAQ guide to cockroach control, we guarantee you’ll be feeling lots better in the relatively short time it takes you to read this handy article. Whether you already have an infestation on your hands or you’d simply like to put some measures in place to prevent one from occurring, you’ll be glad you’ve stumbled upon this definitive guide. Continue reading

Hospitality Pest Control: What You Need to Know

Do you own a hotel or restaurant? Or perhaps you simply work in the hospitality industry and want to be seen to be taking your role that bit more seriously? Whatever your reasons for stepping up your game when it comes to health and safety, you’ve landed on this site at the right time.

In this informative guide, you’ll find all you need to know about pest control in the hospitality sector – focusing on preventative measures for hoteliers, in particular – as well as some handy hints to put into practice right away. Read on… Continue reading

Work in the Education Sector? Keep this Pest Control Guide Close By

If you work in education – whether in a school, college or university – you’ll know that the authorities (as well as angry parents!) can come down on you at a moment’s notice.

Of course, there are certain rules and regulations to abide by if you’re running an institution like a school – and when you’re in charge of minors, it’s so important to be vigilant when it comes to health and safety too.

Continue reading

Pest Control for Retail: A Guide

Whether you’re a shop owner or the manager of an entire complex, you’ll most likely want to know that you’re doing the right things by your business – particularly so when it comes to health and safety. So often, companies can come under fire for not having the right procedures in place. It’s the reason we’ve created this guide to pest control in the workplace, to ensure you’re perfectly protecting your workplace as well as yourself and your team.  Continue reading

Nice Garden? How to Keep it that Way by Waving Goodbye to Seasonal Pests

You’ve spent months – possibly even years – ensuring your garden looks the way it does. And as anyone who spends a lot of time mowing their perfectly-manicured lawn will tell you, it isn’t an easy job to ensure a garden looks pristine all year round.

There are weeds to contend with, bushes to trim down and new flowers to plant. So, we feel your pain and frustration when pests move in and threaten to stamp all over (and quite literally, too) your hard work.

From black garden ants to flies, wasps and larger pests like mice, insects and creatures like this are almost always a hindrance when it comes to your garden.

Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Mice: A Guide

About House Mice

You’ve heard a scurrying noise for some time and until now you’ve wondered if it’s possible you’re going round the bend. Good news for your sanity, then! We bet if you’ve stumbled upon this website it’s because it’s finally come to light that your housemates or family have heard the exact same noise – and guess what?! It’s now time to do something!

It sounds to us like you’ve got mice – but don’t panic; we’ve compiled this very guide to ensure you can tackle the pesky little critters easily and effectively.

Often infested with fleas, ticks and/or mites, mice may be a concern to people who have small children or pets – in particular dogs. Dogs’ immune systems aren’t well-equipped to handle the diseases mice might carry, so it’s even more important to deal with an infestation quickly if you have a pet pooch or two. Continue reading